Too hot for January in NYC.


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Too hot for January in NYC.

Apocalyptic movies where a meteor is headed straight for the Earth, or the Earth’s core stops spinning, or there’s some other huge natural disaster, usually start with these scenes where weird things happen. Like, a bunch of people with pacemakers all die at the same time, or birds all fly into car windshields, or it rains frogs.

In December, we went rollerblading down the West Side Highway, like it was summertime. I figured it was some weird warm front, the kind that’s usually followed by a lot of snow… there was no snow.

And then a few days ago, I noticed these kids on a basketball court all playing in their shorts and t-shirts, not even wearing sweaters.

It was like a scene in a movie where this really weird thing happens. We should all be wondering why it’s so warm, and maybe there should be a 24-hour weather alert, like the terror alert, where we stop everything and all try to figure out why it’s so hot!

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We should all just enjoy it. We should also invest in property further inland.

Posted by: David Jacobs | January 28, 2006 08:20 PM


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